A Grid to Design is akin to a Beat in Music!

As a design firm, our team does not commit to a specific style preference. We value each project’s identity and individuality and thus study the most adequate approach to create it. In fact, the only two elements in common between all our projects is our Work Ethics which includes order, calculated process and engineering quality and our Philosophy summed up in our commitment to functionality, practicality and cost efficiency.

Founded by architect Laila Badawi in 2015

Grids Architects is a Design Office based in Cairo Egypt. The team is dedicated to creating innovative spaces in interior and exterior. With diversity in project types, Grids work is based on research and a special attention to clients’ uniqueness.

Grids Architects is not just another design firm!

In addition to conventional projects, we have set up our own vision for the future of architecture. In order to expand that vision, our team engages in international architecture competitions in which we apply worldwide technologies and original concepts to shape the built environment.

Design is an extreme profession

Each project is a new exciting adventure and the Grids Architects team is eager to partake in of all types of projects regardless of the scale


Grids Architects innovate solutions for buildings development in response to the function of a given space. We also pay attention to form, structure, materials and expression.

Interior Design

Regardless of type, function or style, interior design is the commitment to shape each space with a clear vision of intended mood and impact on user.

Our Team

Laila Badawi

Laila Badawi is the founder and director of Grids Architects. She founded the firm with an award-winning initiative to upcycle furniture and interiors. During her previous experience with renowned architectural firms, she led design teams in master planning, architecture and interior projects.

She graduated from Cairo University and earned her Masters of Science in Building Technology (2010) while working as a teaching assistant in Cairo University.

Alaa Ibrahim

Alaa Ibrahim is a young talented architect, she enjoys design at all levels and is always able to deliver spaces with balance in materials and proportions. She has worked on both interior and architecture projects with exceptional passion.

Nada Sameh

Nada Sameh is the office’s busy bee, with amazing knowledge of local suppliers and a very genuine sense of design, she is always capable of executing the most complex details without compromising the budget.

Nouran Mohsen

Nouran Mohsen takes pleasure in the details, studying standards and creating designs with well-studied solutions for any type of project. She enjoys new ventures and daring projects.

Nadeen Bahnassy

Nadeen Bahnassy handles projects and tasks with extreme professionalism and a high attention to details. She creates practical solutions and is able to use the most advanced software for design, she also gladly shares her experience with the entire team.

The Polygon, Building 6, 4B1,
SODIC West, Cairo-Alex Road, Egypt

Tel: 0110 1000 913
E-mail: laila@grids13.com